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OPmenu issue

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Hi Guys,

First post since I joined odforce.

I am trying to make a tool which could create filecache node on the right click of a null node.
The moment I hover my cursor on the "mdu" option, before clicking it's creating filecache node.

Its a submenu option, so I think I am missing some thing important.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

        <actionItem id = "create.rop.node">
node = kwargs['node']        
result = 'Create Rop Node'
sel = hou.selectedNodes()[0]
if sel.type().name() == 'null':
    selName = sel.name().split("_")
    joinName = "_".join(selName)
    nodeName = joinName.replace('OUT_',"")
    if selName[0] == 'OUT':
        nodePath = sel.path()
        node = hou.node(nodePath)
        raise hou.Error("Invalid Node name")
    print sel.name() + " is not valid for cache"
    result = u"\u2713 " + result
return result
            <expression>kwargs["node"].type().category().name() in ("Sop")</expression>



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