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Scattered Riprocedural Call.

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Hello everyone!!

I am sure this is not a new problem, maybe the solution is obvious, but I have been thinking about it since last year Wink

I would like to place a variety of predefined rib files on specific locations defined by scattered points.

I found two approaches, but I am sure there must be more...

The ideal one would be using switch and copy nodes, as I have a level of control over the copied nodes. The second option seems to be more scripting oriented, which uses every position of scattered point, placing a GEO node with a procedural call in each point.

The problem is that the object merge SOP, when pointed to a GEO node with the RIProcedural call, does not work:

Warning: Invalid SOP specified.

Resulting on an empty render...and if I define a simple box inside but with a procedural call, it renders the box....Is there any RIB loader SOP that I could point to?

If I should use the second approach, how do I acces the TX, TY, and TZ vars of each scattered point so I can create a GEO with procedural call on each point using a script ?

The question is: How would be the best way to do it ?

Have a look to the tree I am using.

Scattered RiProcedural calls post at SideFX forums.

Thanks a lot and happy 2007 !!

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