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texture bake seams

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I used to have no trouble baking textures, but no matter what I do I always have seams. I am not sure which version this started happening. If I use the lab bake texture node (which seems to be using an older version of the texture bake rop) it works perfectly fine. Look at my viewport render. the left side is using the texture bake rop and the right side is using the labs texture bake (as I said, I think its using an earlier version of the bake rop node). I practically mirrored bake texture rop settings to the labs bake texture, but its still not working. Any thoughts? edit: you can see the export from the regular bake has an alpha channel for some reason so you dont see the diffuse fill.




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found the problem in an older forum post. In the bake rop driver settings, the the alpha channel is being copied to the extracted image planes. You can just leave that empty and your texture will work.


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