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Hey guys, I'm fairly new to the forum and have been playing with DOPS for quite a while now. I have a wishlist of features I am trying to figure out solutions for but top on my list would be a better way to visualize things within the dops system.

An example of this would be:

if i have a simulation I am setting up with rules for breaking an item and partitioning things into groups based on some rules or forces.. I would love the ability to be able to visualize the groupings as shading changes on the object, to know when and where the objects have been affected by a field, or crossed a threshhold.. etc..

I just ran across the rbdScriptSolver demo file which seems to do something of what i want, but its sort of hardcoded to use only one rbd object and I'm looking for more of a, merge 100+ different objects together and pipe thru this magic visualization opNetwork and then I can assign colors to group names which show up in the viewport.. even with the ability to map values / hues to things like velocity or extra attributes..

Could someone give me any tips as to how to set something like this up, or simple example files? and also offer any feedback as to if this would severely slow down a simulation with tons of geometry?

I've asked support for this feature directly, and the only slightly hopefull response was the rbdVisualization node, so far which doesent do much of anything but show impact velocities.. which I can't see much used for..

thanks in advance for any help/advice you guys can give.


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