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Newbie Questions: how to get data from a node?

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Can you please tell me, if it is possible in the houdini how to output the variable data to the console or something like that?

I was prompted to use the bindexport node. 

But all the same, there is no information about the type of the variable and data:



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you don't typically print attribute data to console (but possible with Print VOP). instead you create an attribute with bind export VOP, then you can look at it using geometry spreadsheet, as you were advised. Data type (float, int, vector, etc.) is set directly on the bind export node. Then you have to pay attention which element the data is stored on. The emelent can be points, vertices, primitives, or detail (detail is like "object"). For better understanding how to use the Geometry Spreadsheet, i recommend you to read the docs.

As for how to further use that data, that is a completely new topic, and quite a broad one, so hard to give any general advice without knowing what exactly you want to do.     

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