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Controlling thickness ramp with attribute

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Hi there,

I'm trying to control the inset on polygons using an attribute (@Cd) but so far I haven't found a way to use the @Cd attribute inside the "Thickness Ramp"/"Value" which control the inset amount. For inset tasks I usually use the "Thickness" section inside the poly extrude sop, more specifically the "Value" parameter.

I created a @Cd attribute called "insetreg" and plugged that to a poly extrude sop. I want to use the @insetreg in the "Value" parameter within the "Thickness Ramp" controller in the poly extrude sop. However, when I type the attribute @insetreg inside the "Value" parameter within the "Thickness Ramp" section the inset goes to the max value automatically. Even if I change the color that is driving the @insetreg nothing brings the inset amount down.

That said, how does one go about using attributes to control parameters within a ramp (float) controller or any other types of parameters?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Would it be possible for you to share your setup?

If not, some things you could try:
- @Cd is a vector attribute with 3 components. You should probably try to isolate one of these channels since inset is a scalar value.
- PolyExtrude can use attributes if you go to the Local Control tab (Inset Scale)

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