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Hello everybody!

I'm new on Houdini and almost finishing a 6 month class about basic concepts and logic using Houdini. This month I'm working with POPs and of course, I wanted to animate something for my first material. The briefing I made with my teacher was an idea of transformation,

considering that I left traditional modeling to VFX, so I started with a letter that converts into a POP (disintegration), turns around, and returns with another color to the letter, like a transformation. I made the disintegration but I don't know how to make the particles turn into geometry again. 

My teacher said that I could use emitter scatter points to make the opposite animation using VOPs, however, I really didn't get what he said. 

First I tried to use curve force to simulate the path to particles and pop attract to turn it into geometry but, it looks like crap. 

Can someone help me please? 

Thanks so much!

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