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importing fbx/obj files correctly with textures

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Hi, this is something that's starting to drive me crazy. I'm still kind of a beginner with houdini.


I downloaded an Iphone model, and it includes textures, UV maps, and different files (obj,fbx,DAE). I wish i could upload them, but originally, it's a paid download.

I know my way around in houdini, but textures are not really something i worked with alot, only some basic material stuff.

the goal is to wrap the textures around the model in a way that it fits perfectly.

by the way, i never successfully imported an fbx model doing it via file-import. i always get the message ;"import failed ...........fbx does not exist.  I can import it with the file node though.

Can someone point me in the right way?


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Import FBX with File SOP, then use Labs Quick Material to set up your materials. The FBX/OBJ should have UV information imported with it, if it comes with materials.

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wow that is quite a nice tip, the other tools from labs also look amazing. 

I tried the quick material node, and it was almost a one-click solution. I selected the screen-image (the typical app-screen) as base color texture, and it fit perfectly. However, the edges of the screen wrapped around the model, resulting in a incorrect looking back/sides. which makes sense.

I expected (just a feeling) the ability to select groups for each texture, but there are none. but i am determined to make this work! 

Attached are screenshots of the folder with UV Maps, and the folder with the textures (i used the screen-texture which i described) Maybe that shines a little light on the situation.

I know it's alot to ask, but i would really appreciate some kind of demonstration (which is of course impossible with just these screenshots), as i just cannot find any tutorial/source of information which really suits this particular model.

Screenshot (121).png

Screenshot (123).png

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