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mantra render much darker than opengl/viewport

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I have used the opengl renderer for the most of the times so far, but this time i wanted to use mantra. most settings i found pretty easy to control, but i couldn't really find out why the render is so much darker than the viewport/opengl. it's not a color space thing, i think. I don't really mind cranking up the lighting, but it's so much, that it's hard to see what you're doing in the viewport. 

I attached a screenshot to show the difference. I used an environment map from HDRI haven, and cranked the light intensity all the way up to 8. (the hlight is deactivated) which resulted in an overexposed viewport, but the render looks ok now. what you see in the scene is basically a plane with a texture/bump map. the texture itself looks fine in all software, so i don't think it has something to do with that. When i activated the bumpmap it did became a littel bit darker though, but still not enough to really explain the difference which you can see now.

I'm trying to figure out why this is happening, any ideas?

Screenshot (92).png

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