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RBD Fracture/FLIP Interaction

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Dear Forumers,


Been struggling this morning to get a FLIP fluid to "push" a fractured RBD object :(

I want in a [breaking glass tank of water scene] the water to push the glass outwards.


Researched alot and tried:

1.  Just piping rigidbodysolver and flipsolver into merge inside DOPNET with left affects right, and FLIP on left.

2.  fieldforce with force attr set to vel, with node fetching vel from flipfluidobject

3.  geometryvop with volumesamplevfile sampling vel, piped into multisolver with bulletrbdsolver

4. popadvectbyvolumes with vel from flipfluidobject piped into rigidbodysolver presolve

Can't get any method to work.

Sad me!


Attached is my .hip file


Any help much appreciated,




NB: the bullet is not meant to do anything yet, but wanna pipe into FLIP after I get this first problem solved!!!

NB2: not worrying about the constraints for the bottom of the tank yet either!


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My friend Dan just helped me: big ups to him!!!!!


So you can simply pipe rigidbodysolver and flipsolver into a merge (rigidbody HAS to be on left, even with mutual relationship), and then increase feedback scale in the solver tab of the flipsolver above zero.




Simpler than I thought it was going to be!

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