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Packed OBJ grouping and collision detect

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Dear Houdini Peeps,

I am advecting and spinning packed objects from FLIP data and it is working well.

However I need to stop any of the objects that collide with a separate rbdobject from being advected or spun anymore AFTER they collide with the object.


There is a "group to be affected" option in the advect and spin nodes, so I am planning to put all packed objects into a group and then remove them when they collide with the rbdobject.

Is this a good plan?


NB: rigidbodysolver is using bullet


I think I should use the popgroup node and popcollisiondetect node but want to know if collisions between a packed object and an rbdobject transfer to any given particle of that packed object?

Otherwise setting up the popcollisiondetect node seems simple but I don't know about the VEXpression I need in the popgroup node (am a VEX noob).


something like: [put all objects in said "GROUP" except any with i@hittotal>0]  ???


My other bit of poss confusion is where to place the nodes? I'm guessing before the advect and spin nodes?


Hope you can help






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