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Mixing animating and rbd and exporting back to fbx

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Hi All,

I have an fbx animation of a robot coming from Maya, that will be gradually broken apart and float away. I have the animation working with my RBD sim, the parts activating with a simple attribute transfer to activate. This all works in Houdini, but when I export out to fbx to then go into Unity(AR), the original animation is ignored leaving only the breaking apart sim.
I'm not sure what I'm missing, the robot isn't the final one, nor is the animation, it has 300 odd parts, so maybe its how I'm bringing it into my sim.
I've even baked all the parts to world space animation, so there no rig in there.

I hope my rambling makes some sense, any help gratefully received. The scene is 99megs, I hope thats ok.


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