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Evaluating Python problem video attached


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Hi everyone
I have a problem using Houdini lately I believe after I switched to use education license not after my Indi license expired (not 100% sure though) just a guess

I start to see delay when creating sops like camera models etc. in new scenes, I noticed on the left side -plz check video attached- evaluating python takes time
also in some Houdini version like the one in the video when I create a model I can't see it in viewport!

((please check video attached))

Things I did so far:

trying different Houdini versions and older one also latest daily builds and production builds , python2 and 3
nothing works

also I installed newest NVidia driver and I tried older NVidia drivers studio and game ready both doesn't fix the problem
also yesterday I take made a fresh windows install hoping this might fix the problem
not thing seems to work
I suspect that it could be the education license limitation?
should I get an Indie license again?! I really suspect that but nothing else seems to make sense to me

any help?

Houdini 18.5.596
nvidia game driver latest 496.13-desktop-win10-win11-64bit
windows 10 64bit
only plugin installed redshift

thank you all


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