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Edge Divide Issue


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Greetings world.

So i was working with Edge Divide last night, basically taking a poly plane front an object i break out, and i select the top and bottom edge to divide, i tell it to add 16 points, and it does so, but the moment i press Connect points, it goes crazy and instead of having 16 evenly spaced faces, i have 3 or so on the left side about the right size, and one huge one the right side, but as i turn off Connect points, it gets fixed :blink: .

I have a bit of a work around using 2 Edge Divide and a Divide sop, but with this method it breaks in another way.

Anyone ever dealt with this?

I'm on houdini 8.1.704.

i'll see if i can post a pic tonight.

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Hi, I've seen something similar to this before with the polysplit tool, which i think they have now fixed.

Did you notice if you rotate the poly very slightly then it starts working....

So if you have lots of these to do then you could rotate everything a bit then rotate back afterwards.....

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