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package environment variables


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I'm trying to tidy up a collection of assets and scripts done over the years across different licensings and python versions and I'm not being able to have the package system to conditionally load a python path according to the houdini license and python version being used.

I was successful to use houdini_version, for example, to have different renderman versions loaded depending:

            {"houdini_version  == '18.5.351'": "$RFHTREE/18.5.351"},
            {"houdini_version == '18.5.596'": "$RFHTREE/18.5.596"},
            {"houdini_version == '18.5.633'": "$RFHTREE/18.5.633"}

I also tested houdini_os sucessfully, but what I was interested in, houdini_python, doesn't seem to work. Anyone used it successfully?

Simple example:

    "env": [
                {"houdini_os == 'windows'": "windows"},
                {"houdini_os == 'linux'": "linux"}
                {"houdini_python == 'python2'": "pypath2"},
                {"houdini_python == 'python3'": "pypath3"}

Which results in no print for the one using houdini_python in a Houdini Python Shell:

No clue why it prints nothing instead of 'pypath2'
.json attached.

Another thing I was looking for would be to have different HOUDINI_PATH's depending on the license is being used. But I can't find a variable that provides distinction between Houdini session license. Am I missing something? https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/ref/plugins.html



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