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Last point from an imported curve gets deleted


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Hello, I have quick question here, bases on the current situation.

I've made a series of curves on Illustrator, and I'm gonna be feeding them to a File node. Problem is last point (or first, I should check on Illustrator) of every curve doesn't get loaded.

Is this a common thing? I find it quite odd, and it's there from the File node; nowhere down the pipeline it gets deleted by some of the nodes.

Any fix?


I attach an image of the network, plus one with how the curve looks at these nodes.

Thanks in advance!



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Here's the fix:

Looking around I came to a Houdini forum post that adressed this problem; basically is Houdini not getting along all that well with bezier curves, so the suggested solution is increasing the point resolution and simplifying the curve by using only straight lines. I've tested it, and yes, it no longer deletes the last point. Another work around is using a plugin that uses SVGs instead of .ai (link below), and... works really fine; only downside is this plugin would limit its usage in an eventual HDA meant to be used by a third party, as it would have to install it too.



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