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Vellum dress up


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Heya! I'm trying to do a simulation of dressing up a character. Where each part of the cloth comes from behind the model, makes its way through the body, and stitches together to create a dress. Does anybody have an idea of what would be a good way to approach this?

Basically, I am using animated pinpoints with a curve to direct the path. Also, a custom velocity field to push the cloth towards the model so it's sliding on it as it moves through. But this setup requires a lot of manual inputs and for some reason, I feel like there should be a smarter way of approaching this. Any ideas?

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You might want to crack open the vellum drape node and take a look. It takes points that are to be welded and creates a stitch constraint in their place. If I remember correctly the rest length is then scaled down over time. At a specified frame the stitch constraints are removed and the welds are activated. Seems like you could use this technique for what you are trying to do 

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