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I would like to make my "Symbiote" setup more organic


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Hi, i made a symbiote like setup after following a course using a find the shortest path node in a loop guided by attribute paints to mark the start of where the curves should grow out of and an end point where they should go and stop i then used a polywire to make the curves a bit more 3d and then vdb mesh that to get a more fluid and goo like look.

My question is how could i make this setup more interesting looking and more accurate to something like spider-man 3 (not the whole thing just the covering of the mesh part) right now it's flowing along the surfaces of the mesh, we're in my case i would like for the curves to wrap around the mesh like hands or tentacles but still be flowing with a vdb in the end.

Kinda like this exemple made by Liang Chaopo :


but with bigger curves and possibly guided like mine is already in a way i could cover the entire mesh or an area if i desire.

i tried doing a similar setup using pops but couldn't figure out how to get a flowing looks like the setup i have now in the first place.

What should i use ? Should i restart from scratch and using vellum or is it doable with my setup right now ?

Here's a link to what my setup look like right now in motion :


Also if any freelancers are reading and feel like they could do this let me know i would gladly hire someone to help me if i can afford it.

Thanks for Reading

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