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Passing information in ROP networks


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We plan to build a custom modular rop network for exporting assets, we plan to have dedicated nodes to be responsible for setting asset info, component info, etc. Currently the idea is to link those values to the final export node via expressions, but I'd prefer to be able to pass the information down the stream in a similar way as we pass detail attributes in SOP networks. I dont have much experience with ROP nodes, but so far I didnt find any way to pass information down the tree. Could someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks :)

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Yeah it's a bit trickier to setup TOPs renders, but it's definitely worth it if you're doing anything more than just setting renders off.

You can mostly set up your renders in ROPs and then in TOPs use a ROP Fetch to set them off.

As with most things Houdini check out Matt Estela's write up to get a good foundation on how to get things going.


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