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ASUS TUF A15 upgrade question

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Hi all, 


I would much appreciate your advice with the following. 

I am thinking to start a Houdini course after September, and unfortunately at the moment I cannot afford to buy a new workstation. So I will be using my current laptop, ASUS TUF a15 which has:

Ryzen 4800H, 16GB RAM, 500GB m.2 drive and RTX2060 GPU.  The laptop has two m.2 slots. So I will be upgrading the ram to 64GB (maximum supported), and adding a second m.2 hard drive  for files, cache etc. I am puzzled about the capacity of the second drive. Would 2TB be enough or I should go with more? 

Any other advice would be much appreciated

Just to let you know that apart from the future Houdini course (and hopefully work), I am doing video editing in DaVinci and compositing in Fusion if that matters/affects any decision for upgrade. 


Many thanks!

Kind regards,



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