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Take attribute to set parameter

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I want to take an attribute to put it in a node parameter how could I do?

I calculate a value with the node attribute wrangle and I would like to put this value in a switch

If you have doc / examples that would be cool 

Thank you,

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Hello Killian,

For a detail attribute, you can refer to the attribute with detail(surface_node, attrib_name, attrib_index)

Here's an example for fetching the detail attribute "stop". surface_node 0 refers to the node connected to your switch, and attrib_index 0 is for attributes with more than one item (vector, array, etc). For integer/float, use 0.

detail(0, "stop", 0);

For any other attribute type, there is the matching point, prim and vertex functions, although I strongly recommend to use detail for node parameter stuff.
A parameter can only have one value (you generally cannot refer to an attribute and expect a different result for each point).

Also, note that to get a string attribute, you need the matching details(), points(), prims(), vertexs() function.
Read : detail string, point string, etc.

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