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Creating a controll for primitive based Geomerty assm

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Hi All,

Im creating geo with a primitive wrangle, each primitive used as a base to create a complex assembly (nothing new for houdini :)  )

However, I would like to create a (handle/container/Null) object (floating on-top the assemble that's non-render'able, im thinking anim/rig like control) the final artist can select to override one of the assemblies attributes ,thus changing its properties.

my current concept is to create a centered shaped "poly line" at the each primitive assemble "top" and if a bool user flag is toggled the values are used to alter the assembly stored then in a text file referencing an id so regeneration still keeps the selected ID...... getting more complex by the day.

...Basically a user control surface to alter the primitive assembly. note 1000 assemblies (think forest, with a controller for each tree)

Have others come across a solution to solve such a problem ?


Any input thankful..




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