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point attribut doesn't work

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Hello I have a problem attribut point which makes me an error

Unable to evaluate expression (Invalid number of arguments for function (/obj/LOD_Tool/rop_fbx3/sopoutput)). 
FbxExporter::Initialize() failed. Error returned: File not created 


Here is what I put in my outputFile:


All works correctly except
`point(0, "Mesh_Name_9",0)`
t puts me in error, whereas when I put a attribwrangle2 with ca as code: 
string debug = point(0, "Mesh_Name_9",0);
printf("Check value : %f\n", debug);

It's a good way to return a string 
Check value : teapot

So it gets the right value but I don't understand why when I add it in my expression that works 
So that gives me this:
And now it doesn't work anymore how I can fix it I don't really understand what I'm doing wrong.

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