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Collapsing Air Bubbles, even with Air Incompressibility.

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Hi guys, 

Getting a weird issue with my flip simulation and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. I have a simple flip simulation, that uses divergence to expand its volume. 

I've directed the simulation to have a sort of wave effect, which created an air bubble that looks quite nice, but disappears in an instant, which looks very unrealistic. I've attached the video below.


What confuses me is that I have the Air Incompressibility option checked in my FLIP solver, but it's not really doing what I think it's supposed to do. 


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Fixed my issue, it had something to do with the meshing of the simulation, not the actual sim itself. 

I accidentally had an extra VDBfromPolygons node when it wasn't necessary and it was causing this to happen!  

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