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Auto UVs and Growing Grain Islands

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Hi all,

I've got a question regarding the speed of the "Auto UV" node. It seems to take quite some time to generate the UVs, more specifically, the "Growing Grain Islands" seems to take a bit long. E.g. it takes more than 2 minutes for the example "ply/HIP" files attached on my "Apple M1 Pro" Macbook with 16GB of RAM. I know this isn't a modelling machine, and I'm waiting to test it out on my 128GB Threadripper desktop.

Since the "ply" file attached is just a piece of a large point cloud with some 12mil points, I'm wondering if there's a faster way of actually assigning the UVs to the whole model. I tried it with the current approach and after some 2 hours and 9GB of memory swapped, I didn't get anywhere (it was still calculating grain islands, and stood at some 68%).

Hoping someone has an advice to share, whether in a form of a "it's not supposed to be used in that way" or "just hit this checkbox" answers :D 

Thank you all in advance.


material_point_cloud.hipnc cloud.ply

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