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Mah Zheng Shu_Entry-Mid Fx Artist


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Hi there, my name is ZhengShu Mah, I am a Fx artist based in Brunei, I have graduated from The One Academy in Malaysia. I have been working in the industry for about 2 years primarily in full CG animated and feature films. I recently finished working on Santiago of the Seas (season 2) and  Ponniyin Selvan: Part one (2022) in my previous 2 companies.

Besides using Maya , Nuke and Shotgrid/Shotgun, to work closely with the team and push shots through tight deadlines, my primary expertise is in simulation and creating natural phenomena with Houdini - Basically anything from fire and smoke or water related to particles. 


Most of the typical work I get picked up from previous projects seems to lean toward either simulation smoke (both small and large scale) or water related simulation and a good amount of smaller scale particle and RBD related work.


Unfortunately, I am not able to get the shots that I worked on in both of my previous company (Santiago of the Seas Season 2) and (Ponniyin Selvan; Part 1) as the studio do not allow it, but I have put a link to my recent personal project and small test below in case you ever need a FX artist, as well as my CV. I am currently open to work and able to relocate to some country. I am also able to work remotely.


Please let me know if you have any questions, I am a fan of the work you guys put out and I definitely love the opportunity to work with you guys.


Kindest Regards,
Zheng Shu

Link to latest project:

Link to my recent small scale shots:  


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