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VEX : Passing a reference of a struct to another struct


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Hey everyone,

I'm having a hard time trying to pass a struct to another struct as reference.

All I can seem to be doing is a straight up copy. I know passing variables to methods or functions in vex are references but as soon as they get assigned they are copied into the new variable.

Here is a brief example of what I'm talking about.


struct test_1{
 int a = 123;
 void print(){
      printf("test_1 a value : %f\n",a);
struct test_2{ 
 test_1 t;
 void print(){ 
      printf("test_2 a value : %f\n",t.a); 
cvex test(){ 
 test_1 t1 = test_1();
 test_2 t2 = test_2(t1);
 t1.a = 456;

The output will be

test_1 a value : 456

test_2 a value : 123

I would expect it to be 456 for both if they are passed as reference.

I've tried passing the struct in a method instead of the implicit constructor and same result. struct test_1 gets copied into the t variable of struct test_2

I basically have a few objects/structs referencing a main config/parameter struct. but when any one of these structs updates the config it doesn't get updated in the other structs. I basically need to go and reassign the struct to all other objects/struct again..... Is there no other way ? also I have many of these objects reading the main struct and it seems like a waste of memory to have to copy the struct over and over into each object/structs.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated

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