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Pivot Rotation For Twist Sop Position


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Have a flower, want to Bend each pedal.

Pedals are seperate SOP level objects that are positioned in a circle around stem.

Want to use the Twist/Bend SOP but it's Pivot Rotation isn't where I'd like it to be and can't get the sucker to move, only Transform, no Rotation.

This means I can't line up the AXIS for the Bend to the proper pedal location.

Thought there was an easier way do this besides moving each pedal to a World location, then back to the FLower Stem location.


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Okay, I found an easy work around this problem.

Append a transform sop. Position object so it's in desired position for manipulation.

Right Mouse Buttom click transform sop and select Reference Copy.

Wire new transform sop after manipulation op (I'm using a bend operation).

Right Mouse Button click on Invert Transformation, select Delete Channels.

Now Enable Invert Transformation.




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