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Trying to recreate a tool from a siggraph presentation


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Hi sorry for the repost but i figured sincei posted right before the blackout that nobody my original post so for the past few days i've been trying to replicate a siggraph tool shown in 2019

this one : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skjkzDhmWAw&ab_channel=Houdini

but after a certain point in the video i always get lost and think i miss something i tried to do it from scratch multiple times but after the 20 minutes mark in the presentation i'm lost, i'm no good with vex and can't really find the missing pieces to what isn't shown sadly and i was wondering if someone would be able to help me recreate this setup, to help me later on redo it on my own to learn from it i basically wanna take the concepts of this setup and learn them, might not seem complicated for an experienced artist but i only know the basics sadly haha but yeah basically wanted to reenact this tool to learn from it's vex code and procedural setup approach thanks a lot.

here's my base hip file : my hip file with the source alembic

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