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pop force and advect for ragdoll in crowd solver


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Hi, I have a crowd setup and a dopnet contains a crowd solver and bullet solver. I want agent to transform to ragdoll by trigger like a flood collision, and ragdoll agent flow with the wave. 
Then I tested to plug pop force/advect nodes in bullet and crowd solvers. There are no error message but simulation seems to ignore those  pop operator nodes.  
There are another some Force nodes available to plug after solvers like a gravityForce node. I guess I must use them instead of pop operators although I am not familiar with these nodes. 

Question is ;
Do we have  substitution of pop advect and pop force(for noise) ?  Especially I wonder if I can use volume vel field and/or point velocities to applly velocity to ragdoll, and can use mesh to limit force area?

Thanks for your assistance!!

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