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Houdini doesnt release ram while rendering frame in Solaris

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Im rendering a Flip simulation and i realize every frame is accumulating in my memory and because for this is using a lot of virtual memory which cause increasing use of my hard drive and slower time rendering and soon or late it crash after a couple of freames, to fix that i have to increase the virtual memory, but when houdini is using my virtual memory the time for rendering is increasing , there is any script so i can release the memory every 2 frames of rendering for example?
thanks in advance!
win11 128gb ram
TLDR: lets say i want to render 20 frames, the first 3 frames is using less than 128gb of ram so its using the speed of my ram, but after those 3 frames is start using my virtual memory and the rendering time increase significaly because is using my m.2 writing speed which is 4 times slower.
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