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B-System Instance Editor (Plugin)


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Available at GUMROAD: https://ae43ae43.gumroad.com/l/bahri

is a SOP node editor for instances, much like a Copy To Points node with an integrated editor that lets you add, delete and move pieces directly in the viewport.

Key Features:

  • Viewport UI with handles and transform tools inspired by Blender, making editing a lot more direct and ergonomic compared to using native Houdini tools.

  • A palette for picking instances straight in the viewport, and a workflow for defining assemblies and reusing them to build detailed compositions of instances.

  • Automatic hierarchy when placing instances onto other instances, creating a branch-like network that allows hierarchy driven selection and editing.

B-System is intended as a quality-of-life enhancer and integrates well with standard Houdini workflows. It condenses a lot of utility otherwise scattered across multiple nodes and focus them into a single interface. Reducing clicks and giving direct control over instances in a SOP context.







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