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Vellum curves are glitching out with plasticity enabled

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Hi there,

I'm currently stuck on a problem trying to get plasticity working for some plant rigs I'm working on. When I enable plasticity, the bend stress cranks up around that point where the curves flip around, then once it hits a certain threshold the curves snap out of place. I've messed around with each slider on the bend plasticity however no progress made there. Left is plasticity on, right is plasticity off. Anyone come across this problem before? I've also attached the scene file, one plant's plasticity is working and this one is broken, not sure what the difference would be 

plasticity.gif.fb9c23566b54f750c06e92025b659390.gif  noPlasticity.gif.30ffab9472f0d1f4260ffedb6fc36f84.gif


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ahh i figured it out, the fact that multiple curves were all connected to singular points (welding after building the curves) caused the sim to become super unstable. 
So I had to
- separate the curves a bit
- removed self collisions for those previously overlapping points just in case
- added a glue constraint to the now separated points 
- voila



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