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Internal Adaptive Voxel grid possible ?


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Hello I am not sure how to approach this but I have seen some post on Bifrost forums. ( Please see the attached images )
I was wondering If Its possible to dynamically adjust/reduce voxel resolution inside pyro solver by focusing high resolution where it matters most (e.g., at the surface) and using lower resolution where it is less critical (e.g., in the core).

From my understanding setting the resolution directly within a Volume Wrangle node to control  voxel sizes dynamically isn't directly possible because the voxel size attribute isn't modifiable via VEX in the Volume Wrangle node ? 

I am also looking a solution for a static vdb cloud . I have a high res vdb volume data with interior filled. I would like to know If I can do a vdb resample only to the interior volume grid without affecting the details on the surface. Thank you very much !



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