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Deleting Attributes

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Not sure about the custom variable mappings but you can delete attributes with the destroy methods



Thanks Simon,

One follow up question, if you reqiure the size and type of attribute in order to delete it,

is there a way to determine what the size and type is of an incoming attribute?

I'm hoping to get similar behaviour to the delete sop's "Delete Attributes" parameter

I'm digging through

doxygen at the moment, but I'm coming up a bit short.

findAttrib() maybe?

Many thanks


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The only time I haven't know the size before hand is when dealing with attribute pairs, in that case there is another destroy function which doesn't need the size just the name.


If that doesn't help I'm afraid I don't know of a way.

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Figured out how to get the type and size of an attribute.

Thought I'd share so everyone can benifit:

GB_Attribute *attrib = gdp->pointAttribs().find(parmVal);


int offset = gdp->pointAttribs().getOffset(attrib);

GB_AttribType type = attrib->getType();

int size = attrib->getSize();


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