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Animated Filmstrip


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Here's an uninspired experiment. I started with 16 stills taken from our company portfolio plus the image of the single frame of film shown below. The end result (still image shown below, 24Mb Quicktime using h.264 codec viewable http://www.edmstudio.com/houdini/07G11-filmstrip.mov) is an animated loop gating through all the frames.

Details. The Mosaic COP featured in a compositor chain that procedurally generates a 16 frame filmstrip for use as a texture map. The geometry is static (shown below), motion is simulated by animating UVs with a staircase-like CHOP output. As a bit of sugar, there's a slight amount of reverse on the gating action, added to the basic staircase using a Slope CHOP (first derivative) on the timing pulses. Motion blur is achieved with a velocity attribute on the ribbon geometry calculated from the same CHOPnet (Slope CHOP again). Depth of field and lighting added in composite using deep raster Pz (actually a custom plane calculated in the VOP shader as Pz*alpha).

Total time spent over a few evenings (not including asking a number of questions on the sidefx list ;-), 6h.

I spent an hour trying to get a glossy look on the film but without success. Ended up just leaving it matte. Note, there is some banding in the movie which I believe is a codec artifact.




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