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Shading Problem

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Hello everybody,

This is my first post here and I really hope I can get across what my problem is.

I basically have a Box with a hole in it that I need to comp into video footage in the end.

Now first I thought I'd simply flat shade the whole geometry, but then the edges of the box become clearly visible because of shadows.

However when flatshaded the hole looks really awkward.

So now I tried to add displacement to the hole, but i get some weird artifacts. (see attachments for pictures)

Could anyone point me in the right direction to solve this?




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Hello. Couple of things that could happen tho.

1) it could be that you didn't increase the displacement bound when you applied displacement onto the geometry? You can change this in your Geometry Object's tab. In H9, you may have to edit the render parameters to get this.

2) the geometry itself probably are faceted, as opposed to seamless polygonal geometry? If so, you can use Fuse SOP to fuse all the nearby and/or coincident points.

3) Perhaps it's displacement crack? If so, I believe somewhere in the Mantra ROP there's couple of coving method. I can't quite remember where things are in H9, unfortunately..

4) not sure... can you put an example hip file for us to debug?

Well, hope that helped.

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just after I posted this my computer broke down, so i couldn't try any of this out yet.

I think the problem might be number 2, I'll see if I can fix it once everything works again. If that doesn't help I guess I'll have to find out what the displacement bound is. :)

thanks a lot

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