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Dopfield Expression With Rbdfractured Object


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my expression brain seems to be too small to figure that out myself but I'm sure thats really easy to do... need your help please...

I used the dopnumrecords and the dopfield expression to get impact data from DOPs to POPs as shown in the Gnomon Dynamics DVD.

basically I copy a point to every impact

copy sop


and transform the points with a

point sop


and use that as an emitter for particles.

Works great but instead of just having one object (obj0) I'd like to do that for obj0/obj1/... - all generated from one rbdfractured_object.

I tried wildcards but that wouldnt work as the dopfield expression uses the pointnumber to transform the points. I think I need to loop through all the objects - I know the FrenchOP tutorials but this delete/copy concept didnt really work for me in this case...

I'm sure thats an easy one for the smart Houdini community.

Please help. Thanks in advance.


Attached the file in case its not clear what I'm doing....


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