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Howdy out there in Houdini Land,

A strange thing happened lately. I recently woke up and found myself in Wesley Chapel, a suburb of Tampa. I then realized, "Oh Shoot, I gotta feed the kids and pay the bills ...". I thought I had retired from visual effects but destiny plays tricks on us. Strange thing though, I'm not in SoCal any longer. Doh!

This is a request for anyone who knows of any CGI type activity going on in the central Florida/ Tampa area. I fell like a real whore but I'll do anything if it involves pixels and pays :P . I would even consider traveling if it were for short periods of time.

If anyone knows of any projects or companies, please email me, croda@rocketsled.net. I'll go and bugg'em!

I am posting my resume on my website, http://rocketsled.net/visual.htm . Please feel free to download.

Thanks for all of your attention and time!

Chris Roda

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