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Fur Tutorials Now In Docs

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If you get download and install 9.1 169, you can find the fur docs by clicking on Contents > Fur from the online docs page. All the basics are covered in these lessons. Here is the lesson outline:

  • Basic fur setup
  • Casting shadows
  • Changing the color of the fur using the color attribute
  • Control the Fur Color using a Color Map
  • Control the fur density using a texture map
  • Controlling the thickness, shape, and frizz
  • Shaping hairs
  • Styling the fur
  • Using clumping
  • Using guide hairs
  • Varying the fur density by painting attributes

One of the most important things taught in these lessons is how to use the fur sop for PREVIEWING your fur while at the same time using the fur procedural to do the actual rendering. This way the hairs are being generated by Mantra much more efficiently than if you created the geometry using the fur sop.

9.1 also now includes built-in cvex shaders and a hair material that can be texture mapped in order to help artists get great results out of the box. If you learn to create your own cvex shaders, you can do more but all the most important controls are now available without getting into cvex at all.

Have Fun!!

PS - we will follow up with a video tutorial after we get feedback on these lessons.

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they look great so far! it seems the documentation isn't clear about the hair texture map material though, that "Textured Hair" material link leads to:


The requested path does not seem to exist in the help.


If you look at the help for the HAIR material you can find out what most of the parameters do. The only difference is that now you can set up texture maps for both the root and tip colors as well as their specularity.

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