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Rhythm & Hues Hiring Experienced Houdini Fx Td's


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POSITION: Effects Technical Director


Position Summary

Effects TDs create visuals to represent natural phenomenon (e.g., fire, water, smoke, clouds, and bubbles) and anything else extraordinary. These effects employ the use of particle systems, deformations, blobbies, flocking, dynamics, rendering, compositing, shader writing, scripting, other procedural techniques, and many times, just plain old sheer luck.


 Work with other TDs, art directors and designers to create believable special effects

 Accurately interpret concept art and design from the Art Department

 Use and understand 3D lighting, effects and compositing tools

 Provide input regarding tools and interfaces to improve throughput

Required Skills/Experience

 Unix experience

 Minimum 2 years experience with a high-end animation system such as Houdini, Renderman, Alias and/or Maya

 Strong demo reel/portfolio in realistic effects animation and lighting

 Must have a minimum of a Bachelors degree or equivalent in Computer Science, Computer Animation, Art, Engineering or related field

 Ability to perform visual and analytical problem-solving in 3 dimensional space

 Understanding and experience with advanced rendering, compositing and procedural animation concepts

 Ability to work well in team atmosphere

 Ability to problem solve and predict potential problems with assigned tasks

Desired Skills/Experience

 2 years experience with writing advanced Renderman or Vmantra shaders

 2 years experience with C-shell scripting and/or programming languages

Please send cover letter, resume, demo reel (NTSC VHS or DVD only) with shot breakdown to:

Rhythm & Hues Studios

Recruiting Department

re: Effects TD position

5404 Jandy Place

Los Angeles, CA 90066

For more information:

email: recruitment@rhythm.com

phone: 310.448.7500

fax: 310.448.7600

website: http://www.rhythm.com

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