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Hi All,

I'm learning Houdini now and met one problem about Point SOP.

There are four tabs over there: Standard, Particle, Force & Custom.

I can use "Standard" to change colors of points, but when I tried to do something with "particle" & "force", it didn't work.






I understood that Point SOP can change the velocity & force of those points. I built a SOP Network as above, setting velocity in "particle tab" as (0, -100, 0). But those particles still don't move downward.

I also tried with adding some forces to those points but again no effects.

Could anyone let me know what's wrong with my understanding? How to use those attributes to affect my points?


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Thanks shikung444.

I also got some idea from the book (Magic of Houdini).

When I add a velocity attribute and assign its value as (0,1,0), I "didn't animate it up in Y with a value of 1."

"This is basically just a characteristic that each point now has that POPs can read and use for particle velocity"

What a great description... ;)

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