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"CVEX" in Renderman

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Because there are many people who are into renderman related R&D stuff here, I thought to ask this.

Basically what I'm looking for is a possible renderman equivalent of what Houdini exposes as a pair of Displacement VEX context- SOP Vex context and finally (most importantly) CVEX VEX context.

I'm into developing a procedural that I would like to keep on the renderman side (for pipeline reasons) but I would also like to have CVEX like functionality exposed. The user would be able to provide the procedural with additional shaders to tweak the point positions and other attributes, using a language hopefully similar to the displacement context of RSL.

Oh, and I would like this "free" :)

In a sense that I would prefer not to go down the route of writing my own shader interpreter and such crazy ideas.

So if anyone knows about a specific API that does this, it would be highly appreciated to know about it.



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