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Hollywood Feature requires CG Supervisor

Method Vancouver

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Major Hollywood Feature requires an experienced CG Supervisor.


Reporting to the Head of 3D, the CG Supervisor works with the VFX Supervisor and Producer, and is responsible for developing a strong, flexible 3D pipeline for the show. This includes developing, maintaining (or approving) 3D techniques. Works with Comp Supervisor to ensure quality levels of 3D renders are maintained. Works with the Head of 3D to recruit, guide, train and supervise as necessary. Works with the Project Coordinator and Producer to facilitate scheduling of artists and resources. Works with the VFX Supervisor to provide artistic and technical notes to the 3D team. R&D of 3D elements and techniques from concept to production deployment is also part of this role.

Duties include:

Team Building:

-view reels / recommend artists for interview

-attend interviews / interview candidates

-recommend candidates for hiring in consultation with Head of 3D, leads and VFX Supervisor

-identify and recommend leads to Head of 3D and VFX Supervisor

Team Training:

-ensure leads are fluent with production techniques

-define crew training plans with leads

-oversee training of new team members

-one-on-one training with team members

-assist leads where necessary with training

Team Guidance:

-facilitate production needs of every team member

-correct and caution team members as necessary


-test new techniques and technology as necessary

-help leads and crew develop

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