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Visual Effects Editor

Role & Responsibilities of the VFX Editor:

Reporting to the Head of Digital Studio and working closely with the Visual Effects Supervisor, the primary role of the VFX Editor is to incorporate all required versions (from animatics through to final composites) of visual effects shots into the current cuts of all episodes in production for the review of the Visual Effects Supervisor and Producers. They are also to maintain a functioning environment where the Visual Effects Supervisor can evaluate any version of any shot in the current episodes for aesthetic and technical direction. Working with editing and compositing software (but not limited to) Avid, Final Cut Pro, Flame and Digital Fusion for the editing and output of series visual effects is a daily requirement.

Additional responsibilities of the VFX Editor also include:

- To monitor shot continuity, as it regards to the placement and timing of all visual effects shots within the current edit of each particular episode.

- To use the Project Tracker to review shot volume (the number of shots per episode) before the commencement of work, and over the course of production to monitor variations in volume (as it will pertain to scheduling and disk storage).

- To work closely with the Lead Digital Compositing Artist, Lead CG Artist and VFX Coordinator to ensure the timely updating of all shots (completed and in progress) on a daily basis into the existing cut of each episode.

- To prepare and create the output media (QuickTime, DVD, DV-Cam, etc.) as required for the on-time delivery of visual effects in context for both TEMPS and FINALS deliveries to production for producer/supervisor review.

- To maintain logs, data and work orders as required to efficiently track the status of all work.

This position will also include other miscellaneous duties as required from time-to-time by the Visual Effects Supervisor and the Head of Digital Studio.

This is a full-time position requiring offset shift work and, periodic overtime.

To apply:

Email: recruiting@cis-vancouver.com

Subject: VFX Editor

Please attach resume in WORD or PDF format

Please include your REEL

Deluxe Vancouver has acquired the Post-Production and Visual Effects business of Rainmaker Entertainment.

The Visual Effects operations will now carry on under the name CIS Vancouver and CIS London; both will work alongside CIS Hollywood as part of the CIS Visual Effects worldwide locations.

Edited by CIS Vancouver
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