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Units in Houdini

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Hey everybody.

This may sound like a very very basic question but I was wondering

what units are used in Houdini. I mean when I make a box geometry in houdini

it says that its of size 1,1,1 what does this 1 mean.Is this unit in cms or inches or something else.

I was also wondering does this matter, when I am trying to model something in houdini

say a character which is like 6 feet tall, because if I have an image reference on an

image plane its not at all necessary that its in proportion to what i am trying to model.

I hope that my question is clear. Looking forward to the replies.

I am also wondering if there is any way to change the units if they exist in houdini.



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If you look under "hip file options" in preferences you can see where the units are define for dops. You can use these same values for modelling for consistency or if you don't use dops you can choose 1 to mean anything you like. 1 metre, 1 km, 1 millimetre it just depends what you are modelling.

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