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Fragments atached to particles?

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Hi, I am trying to find out a way to attach fractured pieces to particle simulation.Or to use them as instances.For example if I have fractured grid with the new Shatter SOP I want each peace to be connected or instanced to a particle and actually the particle simulation to control the motion of the fragments.I now how to do something similar by attaching each face to a particle through Primitive SOP .I was thinking this could be done by finding the center of each piece and then create a point for the center of each piece and then emit particles and connect them to the pieces trough Primitive SOP.....but I have a problem to find how to create a point in a center of each fragment .And for using instance I have no idea how i can do this. Any help?

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English is not my first language but I hope the question was clear. To be more clear I am uploading a simple example with breaking just the faces of the object.

But what I want is to shatter the object in bigger fragments(primitive groups) and to be able to attach them to the particles in same way as the example .I hope this make sense .Thank you!


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I played with the file and it seems pretty cool approach but very complex.Also doesn't allow to control which primitive group to be attached to the particles.All I can do is to change the count of points in scatter sop in order to get bigger fragments.

Is there any simpler way to do this?Lets say I have a grid shattered in 7 primitive groups.I want each primitive group to be attached to a particle?Thank you!

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