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Questions about the liquid container (gridbased)


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Hi there,

i have some general questions about the liquid container in Houdini. Not to achieve a specific effect more like what it is capable of in general.

I tried to drop some liquid in a liquid container on a cube, i know particlebased methods look much better, but for the sake of testing :)

I stumbled over some problems and question, which i cant answer myself:

The surfels are basically the points which are getting pushed around by the velocities of the voxels? How can i control the poly-transformation of those, is the iso-offset parameter in the geometry guide tab the only possibility? When i have a low iso offset value, the surface looks ok but it just starts disappearing, a increase gets the surface back but it looks a bit too blocky.

I did a test with a 25 uniform resolution, but from frame 50 the surfels didnt move anymore and stayed stationary (see pic).

So i increased to 50, more surfels start moving then. But some still stay stationary, no matter how long i let the sim run.

How could i fix those problems?

Thanks in advance!



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