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i've made my material and now i want to save it to gallery.

in SHOP i made a VOP network, inside the Vop network i created my mantra surface shader.

in SHOP i made a material, inside the material i created the surface that i've just done, selecting it from the tab menu.

"promote material parameter" so i can adjust my parameters from the material node, assign the material to my object. all works.

now i want to save my material to gallery.

right click on material, "save to gallery". i set my options, such as the name i want adn save.

when i recall my material from the material palette, he search for the VOP network that i earlier created to build my shader. An error message alert me that the parameters are unrecognized and will be converted to spare parameters.

what's wrong?



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it seems that when i save i shoud put the vop network into the material, so it saves everything is inside the material.

if i want to modify the network of my shader i can just enter into the material ang go in my vop network.

anyway, in the default materials, to edit the network i can enter inside the surface Shop, and here i found my network, without the need of a vop network inside the material.

attach an image so you can see the situation.

basically, in the default materials, the Vopnet si incorporated into the surface shop.

how to do that?



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