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Can not "import mantra"


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Hi everybody! I am new in Houdini(previosly Maya user). The target is to render scenes in several local machines. This can be done by: mantra -h hos1, host2 etc.

Dut PythonShell after this:

>>> import mantra

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "<console>", line 1, in <module>

ImportError: No module named mantra

This problem occurs on several machines. I think i need mantra.py file or no? Please help

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Hm... but where can i find this "shell". I have only "python shell" and "hscript textport". I understand that this is stupid question but please help me!

oh! i understand) i am so stupid) shell = comand line or cmd.exe inside) thanks all)

STOP: what about THIS code-sample:


# Simple Example Filter


import sys

import mantra # Import the mantra module

Verbose = False

# Process any arguments during initialization of the module

for arg in sys.argv[1:]:

if arg == '-v':

Verbose = True

# A callback to change the surface shader of all objects

def filterInstance():

if Verbose:

print 'Filtering:', mantra.property('object:name')

catstr = mantra.property('object:categories')[0]

categories = catstr.split(', ')

mantra.setproperty('object:surface', 'plastic diff 1 0 0')

for c in categories:

if c == 'pass1':

mantra.setproperty('object:renderable', 0)

elif c == 'pass2:

mantra.setproperty('object:surface', 'matte')

mantra.setproperty('object:overridedetail', 1)

Isn't it python-script? I am nativly c/c++ programer but know smth about python

PS: even typing in shell "mantra -h localhost, second_host_name" nothing happens. Changing in hserver.ini doesnt help. Rendering by pressing button inside Houdini cases rendering only on local machine(while there is string "mantra -h localhost, second_host_name"

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